Edible Photo cake

Thursday Treats!

I made this Edible photo cake for one of my besties. A fatless sponge with butterscotch filling, frosted with whipping cream and topped with an edible photo print.

Hope you like it too!


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Make your cake and eat it too.

Happy baking!





  1. I was the one who had the opportunity to eat this cake along with my family. The cake was very spongy and the cream was not too much nor too less. The right amount of cream with the right amount of sugar (i don like too sugary cakes). My mom really enjoyed eating the cake after long time. The aroma and taste of butterscotch was also precise and not too very pungent.

    I wish I had a piece in front of me now because I’m still remembering how delicious it was– moist, fluffy cake. And to top it all one of my favourite cartoon characters was an amazing sight to see. To be precise it was a PICTURE PERFECT tasty cake.


  2. The cake looks just amazing. Edible cake photos are one of the best ways to decorate a cake as they are super easy to use. They are quite safe an efficient also and you can get them in any kind of theme you want including your own photo. For more you can visit here -http://www.ecakeimage.com/


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