Calling all my Vegetarian try this Eggless Black Forest Cake and enjoy your weekend!

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Make your cake and eat it too.

Happy baking!




  1. Melted Butter                                              120ml
  2. Caster sugar                                                 200gm
  3. All Purpose Flour                                       240gm
  4. Baking Soda                                                 1 Tsp.
  5. Corn flour                                                     4 Tablespoons
  6. Salt                                                                  ½ Tsp.
  7. Cocoa Powder                                              5 Tablespoons
  8. Water                                                             350ml
  9. Vinegar                                                          2 Tablespoons
  10. Chocolate Essence                                     2 Tsp.



  1. Whipping cream                                         300gm
  2. Icing Sugar (Optional)                               2 Tablespoons
  3. Chocolate Shavings / Slivered Almonds and Strawberries – For Deco



  1. Prepare two 8 inch cake tins by spreading completely with butter and line it with baking sheet.


2. Pre-heat oven to 170*C.


3. Sieve and mix all the dry ingredients together – Flour + Cocoa Powder + Corn Flour + Baking Soda + Salt.



  1. Mix all the wet ingredients together – Water + Melted Butter + Chocolate Essence + Vinegar + Sugar. Whisk it and place it aside for sugar to dissolve.


5. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and whisk it thoroughly to avoid lumps.

6. Transfer it into the prepared tins and tap on the table to smoothen as well as to let out the bubbles.


7. Bake for 35 mins.

8. Test for the doneness with the skewer in the middle of the cake. If it is done, the skewer will come out clean.


  1. Remove the skin of the two cakes.


2. Slice each cake into two layer, so totally you get 4 layers.


3. On a cake plate, place a little whipped cream (to secure the cake in place) and place the first slice of cake.

4. Place a lavish amount of whipping cream and spread it evenly.


5. Place few chunks of thinly slice strawberries.


6. The strawberries can be substituted with blueberries / raspberries / Fillings of any of berries. Perfectly your choice.

7. Continue with the remaining slices of cake.

8. Cover the whole cake (top and sides) with whipping cream.

9. Cover the sides with Chocolate Shaving / slivered Almonds.


10. Make 8 simple swirls or stars with the whipping cream on top of the cake.

11. Finish the deco with strawberries on each.

12. Viola! – Enjoy your creation.





  1. Melted butter should be warm, or the cake will sink in.
  2. Melted butter can be substituted with vegetable oil (same quantity).
  3. If the skewer is a little wet, let it continue to bake for 5-10 mins. But 35 mins is just nice.
  4. The deco on the sides is based on personal preference.
  5. If the cake is dry, sprinkle a little sugar syrup / fruit syrup on the cake layer followed by the whipped cream.
  6. Strawberry can be substituted with blueberry / cherry / any other fruit or fruit filling of your choice.
  7. To Stabilize Whipped Cream: Some brands of Whipped cream may not become stiff or will lose its stiffness soon. To salvage the situation – boil 1 Tsp. Gelatin in water, cool it and add it half-way to whipped cream and continue whipping. Desired consistency can be attained.


For more Sweet Treats Follow my Blog – HomeBakerzsg at or my You Tube Channel – HomeBakerzsg Akila

 Make your cake and eat it too.

Happy baking!


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